Saturday, March 13, 2010

Call for Papers Conference in Cape Town Jan 2011

Dear Literacy Experts,

Here is a conference you may wish to attend. The entire document is
at Website: and it will also be under
'Files' on the Pan African site and linked on the Pan African blog.

MOBILITY LANGUAGE LITERACY: An international conference examining
transnational, translocal and global flows of people, language and
literacy through the lens of social practice - Cape Town January 2011


Hosted by: AILA Research Networks on Language and Migration; Applied
Linguistics and Literacy in Africa and the Diaspora; and Literacy
Co-hosted by the Dept of Linguistics, University of the Western Cape;
the School of Education and the Department of English Language and
Literature, University of Cape Town (UCT); Dept of General
Linguistics, Stellenbosch University; Faculty of Education, Cape
Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT); School of Literature and
Language Studies, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits)
Date: 19-21 January 2011
Venue: Vineyard Conference Centre, Claremont, Cape Town
Rationale: The conference will aim to
• bring together a group of established and emerging researchers in
applied language and literacy studies who are interested in the
transnational, translocal and global movements of people, language and
literacy in relation to social practice;
• focus on the lived experiences of individuals on the front lines of
global, transnational, and translocal processes;
• engage with both accounts of global flows and ethnoscapes as well
as local practices and processes produced by or impacting on migrants
and other people who cross various kinds of social, linguistic,
cultural, economic and workplace borders in socially stratified and
ethnically plural social settings;
• pay attention to the dynamics of multilingualism in located settings
and the social and personal management of multilingualism in such
• explore the role (and nature) of language and literacy practices in
boundary maintenance or disruption in global, transnational, and
translocal flows; discuss research about language practices and
documentary practices as regards access, selection, social mobility
and gate-keeping processes in particular settings.

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