Thursday, August 6, 2009

Post #38 Important information about currency and dormitory

PLEASE READ and tell your colleagues

Banks and hotels in Tanzania will not normally accept local currencies
from other countries.

Neither will they accept US Dollars dated before 2000.

PLEASE check your currency to make sure you are able to use it in

There are atms and banks on campus, but you should be as careful as
possible about having the proper currency, in case they cannot help

Registration fee must also be paid by $100 [USD] bill only.

You are advised to change your money right outside the arrivals area
in the airport, where there is easy access to an office which changes

Also, if you desire accommodation in the university dormitory, please
notify Luciana at immediately. DO NOT respond to this
group, nor to Judith Baker, as your request will not be known to
Luciana. If you have already requested a room, you do not need to
confirm or ask again.

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