Monday, August 24, 2009

Post #40 Wonderful conference, Plan now for Botswana 2011

The 6th Pan African RFA Conference was a wonderful success. We will
send out a report in about a month which will include:
a summary of the delegate evaluations
the resolutions from the conference to be given to ministries and all
appropriate bodies
information about the next conference.

If you would like to stay on this mailing list and receive these
communications as well as information as it becomes available for the
next conference, you need do nothing. However, if you would like your
name REMOVED, please respond. You can also add colleagues who are
interested by sending their names in your reply.

You are free to post announcements and ideas on this group, and use
the group to contact others interested in literacy. All posts will be
moderated so that there is no spam or misuse of the group, but
otherwise your remarks will be posted. I anticipate posts occurring
every 2 weeks or less.

I hope to post Ngugi's speeches in the next week or so. If there is
anything else you would like to see, please write to me:

I am not sure how long I personally will be keeping up this group, but
for now, I will keep it going.

Yours, Judith

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