Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here Is The Programme!

Click here to view the programme.

Please check the programme carefully in case we have made any error in the spelling of presenter names, presentation titles or types, or if we have omitted anyone.

If you find any error, please contact immediately.
We hope you will not find any errors, but if you do, please forgive us and help us to make the corrections before the programme is published in hard copy.

Additional Information:

If you are interested in chairing the session you are in, please send us a short message of your interest.

If you are a delegate who is not presenting but you have expertise in a session you would like to chair, please send a message with information about your own expertise. We will notify the chairs before you arrive if we are able to do so, but if not we will give you complete information when you register.

Chairpeople will be given clear instructions upon arrival, but the main requirement is expertise in the range of papers being offered at the session for which they are responsible, as chairs will be asked to conduct the discussion sessions after the presentations.

We thank you in advance for inspecting the programme, making yourself a copy, and volunteering.

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