Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Post #30 Attention Nigerian Delegates (Google Group)

Dear Delegates from Nigeria,

I wish to apologize for my previous communications regarding obtaining
visas when you arrive at the airport in Dar es Salaam. I have been
advised that most airlines leaving Nigeria will be reluctant to carry
you without an entrance visa to Tanzania already in hand, since there
is a Tanzanian embassy in Abuja in Nigeria.

Although it is difficult for some of you to travel to Abuja, it is
relatively easy to obtain a Tanzanian visa at the Tanzanian embassy.
The address of the embassy Embassy in Abuja is located at 11, Ganges
Street, Off Alvan Ikoku Road, Maitama District, Abuja. The exercise
does not last 10 minutes.

You will need 2 passport photographs, a letter of invitation, your
passport and an introduction letter from your Institution. The visa
fee is N10,600.

Again, it is absolutely safer for Nigerians to obtain their visa in
Abuja. Therefore, I suggest you advise all those coming from Nigeria
to make every effort to obtain their visa in Abuja before embarking on
the journey.

If you have already sent us your passport information, we will
certainly help expedite your visa upon arrival, but we cannot assure
you that you will be able to leave Nigeria without the entrance visa
in hand.

Thank you and again, I apologize for giving you misleading information
in the past, Judith

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