Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post #33 Very important for all delegates to read (Google Group)

Please read all these items - some are reminders and some new. We need everyone's cooperation to make these arrangements and provide you with a successful experience.

1. If you need to obtain your visa upon arrival
in Dar es Salaam
airport, we MUST have your name and all passport information BEFORE
JULY 31.

2. If you have asked us to book you a hotel, we MUST know your date of check-in. Also, if you have booked somewhere else and do NOT intend to use the room you asked us to book, please let us know
so it can be canceled in time that you will not be charged for the room.

3. If you have requested a room in the university student hostel,
please remember to bring your own bedsheets and towels as none are provided.

4. Presenters should have both hard and soft copies of your papers to hand in after your presentation session.

5. The conference is providing transport to hotels which are on our list. We need your flight arrival date, time and airline as soon as you have it available in order to meet your needs.

6. Remember to bring
your national dress and flag or other symbol for
the opening and closing ceremonies.

7. NEW: PLEASE email Judith [ or hit 'reply' in Gmail] a new edited copy of your abstract as you wish it to be printed. Some people have asked that we print a booklet with the abstracts of all presentations. We will do this if most people will be so kind as to send us an edited copy of your abstract by August 1. PLEASE send your abstract again, as we cannot do it with the copies we have on your original applications.

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