Monday, July 6, 2009

Post #28 Important updates for all delegate (from Google Group)

*The Organising Committee is hard at work to provide a wonderful
conference for all delegates. We have almost finished the Programme
and hope to have it out by early next week. Many last minute
improvements have delayed us beyond the July 1 date, but you will soon
have access to the entire schedule.

*As you are making your final plans, please include bringing your
National Flag for the opening ceremony and national dress for the
closing banquet. It is traditional at the Pan African Reading for All
Conference that all participating nations are recognized, so please
bring the symbols of your culture to add to the richness of this

*If you or a colleague still need an invitation letter, please contact
Judith as soon as you can at

* If you have not registered, or if you have not signed up for visa
assistance upon arrival, please do so soon. All information can be
accessed at this group and directions can be found on the conference
blog if you are not sure how to access the information. Go to: The programme will be posted on
the blog also.

*The tours committee has finalised two wonderful day trips for
delegates. The prices are slightly higher than we anticipated, but
include lunch and all expenses. A trip to Bagamoyo, the ancient
capital, will cost 50 USD each and a boat trip and walking tour of
Zanzibar's Stone Town will cost USD150 each. We apologize for the
increases, but we think you will find both trips very worthwhile.
Both trips will be offered on Friday 14 August, and it is possible
that the tour company will also offer Saturday trips.
If you already expressed a preference for the tour, we have your names
on the list. You can sign up for a tour or change your preference at
registration, so you do not need to contact us ahead of time.

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