Monday, July 27, 2009

Post #34 Conference t-shirts and opening ceremony (Google Group)

Dear Delegates,

Those of you who have attended conferences in past years will know
that one part of the tradition is to honor the wide participation by
educators from all over Africa and guests from the larger
international community.

This year the conference will open with a short procession from the
university administration to the conference venue in which we hope
delegates from each country will march with your national contingent
and at least a national flag or symbol to represent your country. If
each person tries to bring something, this will add to the symbolism
of educators uniting for universal literacy to which we are all

We will also have conference t-shirts on sale for $10 or 10,000 Tanz
Tsh which you can wear in the opening procession.

It has been shown in research that one of the most powerful influences
on improvement in education is the degree to which leading educators
are connected to each other in our professional organisations and
activities. We are hoping to provide all delegates with just such
opportunities to connect, learn from each other and establish lasting
channels to learn from and work with each other.

Your Organising Committee is dedicated to making these things possible.

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